Final document Clean IT published

In several international meetings over the last 20 months government and private sector representatives discussed the problem of terrorist use of the Internet and possible measures to reduce this. The result of this public-private dialogue has now been published.

The Clean IT meetings were attended by 110 participants from governments (25%), the Internet/technology industry (37%), NGO’s and end-users (11%), academics (15%) and law enforcement agencies (12%) in the European Union. Many others from the Internet community and people or organizations related to the participants took the opportunity to comment online on the draft reports that were published after each meeting.

The dialogue resulted in a problem analysis of terrorist use of the Internet, a set of nine general principles that determine conditions for any action taken to reduce terrorist use of the Internet and a list of best practices. As Clean IT is not set up as a binding form of cooperation, any future implementation can only be voluntary and according to existing laws and regulations.

The final document can be downloaded here (pdf). The report will be presented to EU Counter Terrorism Coordinator Gilles de Kerchove at Clean IT’s final symposium on January 30th in Brussels.

Invitation to Clean IT final symposium

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the Clean IT final symposium on Wednesday 30 January 2013 in Brussels. In this final symposium, we will be reflecting on the experiences we shared, the results we achieved and ways to take these forward in the future.

The symposium is open for attendance to all project participants and any other interested persons or organizations. Please note that we only have room for a limited number of participants and registration will close when we reach the maximum capacity.

For more information about the symposium, programme and registration, please look at:

Invitation and draft programme (pdf)

Clean IT in the European Parliament

At the end of September and early October 2012, several questions were asked in the European Parliament about Clean IT:

  • 25 September 2012 by Josef Weidenholzer (S&D) (link)
  • 27 September 2012 by Robert Goebbels (S&D) (link)
  • 4 October 2012 by Rui Tavares (Verts/ALE) (link)

The answers of Ms Malmström on behalf of the European Commsision are available here.

New draft document for Vienna workshop

A new version of the Clean IT draft document is now available.This document will be used as input for the Clean IT conference in Vienna. After the Vienna conference, the document will be finalised.

Download the document: CLEAN IT DRAFT DOCUMENT 077pub


Clean IT in Bundestag

The Ministry of Internal Affairs in Germany answered to parliamentary questions about Clean IT. You can download the complete document (in german) here: Bundestag_Clean_IT.


Inside Clean IT

For more information about the discussions during Clean IT events, see this article in the pirate times.

For the full text of the Clean IT presentation during the RIPE NCC conference in Amsterdam (Anti Abuse Working Group) on september 27, click here: speech Clean IT projectteam at RIPE NCC 65 on 270912.

Glyn Moody about Clean IT project

After EDRI publishing a “not for publication” document,  Clean IT was on social media compared with ACTA and accused of negociating behind closed doors. See for more clarification our FAQ page and the online discussion between projectmanager But Klaasen and technology writer Glyn Moody.

PDF:  tweetdiscussion moody_klaasen_20120923

Recent interviews with project manager

Between the workshops in Berlin (June) and Utrecht (September) some interviews are published with project manager But Klaasen. Here are the links:

  • First article in ITnews by Brett Winterford
  • Second article in ITnews by Brett Winterford
  • Article in Ars Technica by Cyrus Farivar
  • Article (in french) in OWNI by Pierre Alonso


EDRI publishes Clean IT discussion document

However EDRI suggests otherwise, a posted document on their website does not provide concrete proposal to tackle terrorism on the internet. The document is food for discussion only, and summarizes possible solutions and ideas that have to be evaluated by all partners, public and private. While taking into account that any measure taken should not affect our online freedom, the advantages and disadvantages of the possible measures will be discussed in next meetings.

As soon as the plans will be more concrete and supported by all participants, they will be published on the Clean IT website. When the project ends at the beginning of 2013, all plans and documents will be published.


Next Clean IT events

The next Clean IT conference will be held in Vienna, on November 5/6, and is hosted by our new govermnent supporting partner Austria. The final presentation is planned in februay 2013, but the exact date is not yet fixed.

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